Colourpop liquid lipsticks

Alright, so after my previous online makeup purchase, I told myself that I wouldn’t be making an order for a really long time. Well, I didn’t keep that promise too long once I found out that the coloupop liquid lipsticks had been restocked. I had done my research well ahead of time, and already had my mind set on a few shades. First and foremost, I think the colour payoff is amazing as you can tell from the lip swatches. Due to the fact that I just recently received them in the mail, I can’t really tell you if they are long wearing, so I’m going to have to report back on that. Anyways here is a list of pros and cons of these liquid lipsticks:


  • The price can’t be beat. At $6 a lipstick, it is a lot more affordable that other brands
  • The colour payoff is amazeballs
  • Large array of colours to choose from. Although I only ordered 6, there are over 25 different shades I believe


  • It’s true when other beauty gurus said that you only really get a one take on these babies. They dry out extremely fast, and I was only able to do bit of touch ups. Less is more when it comes to applying these liquid lipsticks
  • Some of the formulas are more drying compared to others. I found bumble to be the most drying out of all the lipsticks that I applied.
  • Taking off these lipsticks is definitely a challenge. I used vaseline to help me remove them, but I had to continuously keep rubbing it off in circular motions before all the pigment left my lips.

Here is a link to the colourpop website. They ship internationally to a lot of places 🙂 Hope that some of you found this post to be helpful. Leave a comment down below 🙂 Any feedback would be appreciated as I”m still getting used to this whole blogging business xo. Also, just a tiny side note, the liquid lipstick that I absolutely adore is actually spelled solow.




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